Jack’s Ice Fishing Tips:Getting an Early Start and Fishing Depths

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photo by Ryan Brod

Fish normally feed best early the in morning, especially on bright days. That isn't necessarily the case on cloudy, rainy or snowy days, but any day it's best to be set up right around daylight. if you're fishing deep water (30 feet or more), set your traps four to eight feet under the ice for the first hour or so. If you're salmon fishing, right under the ice is a good place to fish all the time. Fish are feeding on smelt at this time of day, which are very active in early daylight and are usually right under the ice feeding on zooplankton. And that's where the fish will be. After an hour or so, you might fish different depths than when you started. For lake trout, fish deep. For brown trout, fish anywhere from halfway to the bottom. Fish for warm water species like pike, pickerel, and perch in shallower waters. In general, fishing halfway is usually a good practice. Sounding your hole with a manual sounder or sonar device will help you determine your underwater terrain. Tags:

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